No Office Needed

At Peacock Virtual Solutions, we like to say “no office needed.” That’s because we can affordably support your business with a team of virtual assistants. Peacock Virtual Solutions offers you all the benefits of your own administrative assistant and full blown office staff, without the overhead and hassle.

A Physical Office

  • Health Insurance and benefits

    Ugh! That’s expensive!

  • Payroll taxes


  • Sick days

    Sick on another sunny Friday… Yeah right…

  • Employee turnover

    Here we go again…


Peacock Virtual Solutions Virtual Office

  • No expensive benefits

    Sweet, more profit!

  • No Dreaded Payroll Taxes

    Ooooo saving more now!

  • No sick (wink, wink) days

    That is seriously awesome!

  • No Employee turnover

    OMG! That’s pretty cool!

We are trained to handle all of your office needs including Payroll, Bookkeeping, Answering Service, Social Media Management, Website Design and Marketing. When you work with Peacock Virtual Solutions, we coordinate all your administrative needs, freeing you up to focus on the parts of your business that you enjoy the most.

Working with Peacock Virtual Solutions is simple. The best part about working with virtual assistants is you only pay for the time you use. The common example is the front desk employee who greets customers and/or answers the phone. You pay that person for the hours they are at work, whether they are productive or not. Very rarely does a business need all the services we offer, so there’s no “one size fits all” package. We package services based on your companies individual needs and create custom solutions for the businesses we support.

Here are just a few of our services

Telephone Answering

Rule #1:  Always answer the phone…

The first point of contact between you and your customers is still, and will always be, your phone. When you’ve got a thriving business, you have to ensure that your incoming calls are being handled with the best possible care. That begins with, quite simply, just answering it every time it rings! In today’s On Demand society, one call missed is one opportunity lost.

Rule #2:  Never answer the phone…

Studies have shown that a typical business phone call lasts an average of 6 minutes.  That same study showed that it takes an average of 22 minutes after an interruption to get back to the productivity level you were at just prior to that interruption. That means every time you answer your phone, you are losing about 30 minutes of productivity. But you probably get more phone calls than that. How many phone calls does your business get in a day? 3? 5? 10?

Calendar Management

Calendar Management

When Peacock Virtual Solutions answers your phones for you, we are much more than just an answering service. Peacock Virtual Solutions will handle the workflow created by incoming calls to your business. We can handle so much more than simply taking a message.

Peacock Virtual Solutions can:

  • Set Appointments
  • Process Payments
  • Quote Prices
  • Send Out Contracts
  • Forward Calls
  • … and lots more