Google Penalized Me and Now What?

Working with lots of small businesses in many different industries or professions, in many parts of the country, of different education levels and interests, I do notice a few things most if not all of them have in common. One very important – and not surprising – thing that they have no clue about is […]

Social Media and Branding: You’re Doing It Wrong

You definitely have a Facebook and your aunt and her entire office – all 22 people – liked it last week after you mentioned them in a post. You have a Twitter. Well, two Twitters even (the password to the first one got lost when its original user left on maternity leave and never came […]

Give my email password to whom?!

Really you want me to give my password to someone I met today and don’t know from a stranger on the street? Hopefully at this point you have vetted your candidates for an admin assistant OR you trust your spouse or relative OR you’ve found a virtual office assistant known for their professionalism. You have […]